Syteria – “Santa’s Harley” Official Music Video

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Syteria – “Santa’s Harley” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: England/Argentina

Artist Bio: Syteria are a four piece UK rock band formed in 2015., featuring Jax Chambers from the legendary Girlschool, Keira Kenworthy, Julia Vocal (Calvo) and Pablo Calvo.

Director Name: Julia Calvos
Producer Name: Big Dutch Productions

About the Video:Santa’s crashed his Harley, but Rudolph saves the day!

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Song Lyrics: “Santa’s Harley”

The kids want to peep, too excited to sleep
listening for sleigh bells,
hear drunks in the street
Mistletoe is hung, Christmas has begun
Gran found the sherry and wants to have fun
When suddenly outside it all springs to life
Santa got there early on his pimped up ride
He said: “I’m here on my bike, the reindeer’s are on strike
I’ve got this brand new engine It’s been modified”
There were fairy lights on everybody’s bikes
when Santa rocked up on his Harley It was party time,
Rudolph’s left behind
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a very merry Christmas time
Dad cooked the dinner, a total beginner
everyone’s waiting for the main event
Spuds could knock you out force fed brussel sprouts
The gravy’s set there like cement and granddad’s flatulent
News flash on TV: there’s been a tragedy
Santa’s been drunk driving, he’s in custody
He said: “I’d had one too many I had to spend a penny,
next thing I’m being arrested for house burglary”
Santa had collided, the Harley’s been up sided
No one gets their presents in the USA
The reindeer ever ready, dependable and steady
No one knows what Rudolph’s on the speed of light
The sleigh is gone
He’s the one who’ll come along and rescue Christmas day

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