The V’s – “Narcolepsy Girl” Official Lyric Video

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The V’s – “Narcolepsy Girl” Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: Berlin, Germany

Artist Biography: The V’s are an international rock band currently based in arguably the coolest and wildest music capital in the world – Berlin.
With a powerful mix of old school up tempo riffs and new school neck braking and head banging arrangements this band brings it. Wild on stage, skilful on their instruments, tasteful on recordings.
The V’s thunderous, blistering guitars, bone crushing bass, pounding drums and non-stop howling, unvarnished vocals will simply blow your brains out.

Director Name: Julio Cruz & EzZe

About The Video: Official Lyric Video for “Narcolepsy Girl” from our new Ep.

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Song Lyrics: She can bring to light when something ain’t right, come out of the gloom
She’s got a disorder, she follows not orders steps inside your room
She’s unpredictable, she’s indestructible
She’s in my sleep, she never dreams she’s standing at my door

White purple stripes and big red eyes sweetness as disguise
She has no remorse, she has no regrets, she has no allies
She seems to be ok, she seems to be alright
But don’t look her twice straight to her eyes or she may disappear

She is the Narcolepsy girl
She scares the shit out of you, she scares the shit out of me.

..and she’s gone.

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