Trampoline – “Twins On Fire” Official Music Video

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Trampoline – “Twins on Fire” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Winnipeg, Canada

Artist Biography: Trampoline is a charismatic anti-rock outfit that formed in the summer of 2014. At its helm is the idiosyncratic and evocative songwriting of Michelle Lecnik and the creative interplay between Steve Martens (drums) and Joey Penner (bass, vocals). The musical arrangements are cinematic and percussive, blending styles of punk, indie rock and prog, with elements of folk and 90’s rock nostalgia. Charged by the whims of satire, playfulness and deeply heartfelt emotion, Trampoline explores the highs and lows of the human experience and has you bouncing while they do.

Director Name: Landon Lake
Producer Name: Trampoline

About the Video: song was recorded and mastered by John Paul Peters at Private Ear studio and the video was directed by Landon Lake.
Michelle (songwriter) conceived this song in tandem with a music video concept that depicts a common struggle; the struggle to reconnect with the heart after taking refuge in the intellect as a form of self protection. Having shut down emotionally as a young child, the process of re-integrating her intellect with her feelings was a horrific journey for her, as she spent much of her life panic-ridden, sleep deprived and isolated. With the aid of a few “soul mate” connections and therapeutic endeavours along the way, Michelle gradually thawed out the trauma she carried and discovered it could be released. This song is in effect a call to embrace the support of human connection, feel your feelings, and celebrate the possibility of becoming comfortably vulnerable again.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Twins on Fire”

there is a place where we can go

I am a snake, I am a snake, my generosity is fake!

there is a place where we can go

I am an ape, I am an ape, my future mind may be at stake!

where we can go x2

and it’s not very far from here x2

I am awake, I am awake, and I stay up I stay up late!

it’s not far away from here

I love my friends, I love my friends, I love my friends, I love my friends!

where we can go x2

there’s a story of a sweet boy and a sweet girl, and they’re dancing to the same song with blindfolds on. he’s really good, as is she, but they’re a little crazy like you and like you and like me. long story short, they never meet because with their blindfolds on it’s hard to see.

but they keep on dancing.

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