Trout Steak Revival – “Take Heart” Official Music Video

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Trout Steak Revival – “Take Heart” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: When TROUT STEAK REVIVAL won the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition in 2014, they emerged on the roots music scene to listeners anticipating the often–heard dose of progressive bluegrass with a hint of jam. Their unique brand of mountain music stood out, though, and quickly the band caught the attention of fans and folk radio DJs alike. Over the last three years, the Colorado quintet has further refined its style and, with SPIRIT TO THE SEA, delivers a mesmerizing and soul-quenching array of original songs resonating with the finer points of folk and Americana. Produced by Chris Pandolfi of Grammy-winning The Infamous Stringdusters, the new album is a reflection of the depth and honesty of songwriting that is possible when a trusting and encouraging band of friends grows together into a band of musicians.

Director Name: Mara Whitehead
Producer Name: Ramble West Productions

About the Video: “I wrote it as a letter to my grandfather, about my grandmother and remembering her funeral in Anamosa, Iowa. He couldn’t say her name for years without crying. This song has become a chance to explore our connection with the spiritual world, and to the feminine. Maybe it’s better explained by someone else — the quote that began all of it for me was from William Faulkner: ‘The past isn’t dead. It’s not even past.’ – Travis McNamara, Trout Steak Revival

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Song Lyrics: “Take Heart”

Do you remember Mary?
I know it causes you pain
Handkerchief tied on her curls outside
In the falling Anamosa rain
Circled around her coffin
Holding our hands so tight
Singing of the sweet hereafter
And pipes on the mountainside

But then I hear her calling
Calling out in the dark, she said
Take heart
Take heart

Now I can see her in the mornings
In the fog of my sleepless nights
And I can hear her in the birds when they’re calling
From the tops of the trees outside
And I can feel her in the water
Beating steady, beating true
And I can hear her in the words of my father
And I can hear her when I’m talking to you

And then I hear her calling
Calling out in the dark, she said
Take heart
Take heart

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