Vexovoid – “Infinite Collector” ETN Records – Official Music Video

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Vexovoid – “Infinite Collector” ETN Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Tuscany, Italy

Artist Biography: Vexovoid is an Italian Sci-fi themed Thrash Metal band born in Tuscany in the late 2013.
After some time in a thrashcore band, Leo, Danny and Salvatore, they decide to work on a new project
mixing furious and complex sounds with some Sci-Fi atmosphere inspired by the sound of Vektor and Voivod.
Immediately after the publication of the EP ‘Heralds of the Stars’, Salvatore quit the band for returning to live in Sicily.
The remaining members, were in search of a replacement, when they found Mattia, who joined their ranks, first as live member and then as the proper drummer.
After a years spent abducting thrashers and terraforming stages all over Italy, in 2017 the trio sign a contract with ETN Records to realize their first full-length album, ‘Call of the Starforger’.
After the release they felt the need to add a second guitar for their live show and then Morgan joined the band.
Now they are ready to travel everywhere in the galaxy, bringing stories of a new age: a modern space age of exploration, battles and fucking lasers!

Director Name: Orion Produzioni
Producer Name: Vexovoid


Label Name: ETN Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Infinite Collector”

On a desolate world
deprived of all vitality
ancient machineries
wake into our reality

they have slumbered through the aeons
for millions of Terran years
entombed in stasis-crypts
the turning of the gears

The prismatic galleries
winding chambers of collections
they recapture the events
worthy of preservation

no sculptures in this exhibits
with precise chronology
living being are transmutated
by arcane technology

Gears are turning
The infinite collector is stirring back to life

Waiting for the cosmos
to heal from the wounds
of a long and bloody war
that the galaxy consumed

Now after sixty million years
he’s freed to stride across the skies
searching things to be preserved
and claim them as his prize

Few worlds willingly give up the things
that the collector looks for
Defending them from preservation
the greater purpose ignored

The unstoppable, undying legions are rising
those things will be taken by force
the destruction of a city, a planet or a sector
is only a matter of course

A matter of course.

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