2012 Bid Adieu – “Calours” Official Live / Studio Video

2012 Bid Adieu

2012 Bid Adieu is an inclusive DIY collective of artists spanning every medium, working collectively to empower and fulfill each others’ ideas to their fullest capacity. Because 2012 Bid Adieu believes anyone can be an artist, inclusion is an important value in their approach to art. There’s a common belief that “some of us have it, some of us don’t.” Implicit in that statement is the assumption that most of us fall into the latter category. 2012 Bid Adieu’s goal is to expand the definition of artist, and change listeners relationships to creating, and their relationship with themselves.
2012 Bid Adieu began as a subconscious collaboration through years of friendship. Throughout this time, passions began to merge.2012 Bid Adieu began with Jordan Clark and Gray Hall (producers/vocalists). Afterwards,they connected with Jeff O’Neal (Videographer, Creative Director) who had previously collaborated with Jordan on a music video titled “Path Forked Years Ago.” It was only a matter of time before Jordan and Gray welcomed their other bandmates, Jachary (bassist), Dillon Treacy (drummer), and Donovan Duvall (keyboardist).
In the process of creating digital shorts, comedy, sketches, and clothing, 2012 Bid Adieu, brought in other players such as, Alex Pyle (Mixing Engineer), Lewis Gutierrez (Actor), Alyza Enriquez (videographer), Beau Young Prince (Rapper), Monisade Fabunmi (barber, stylist), Amelia Capaz (writer, meme curator), Ambra Parker (Model), Sasha Mcnair (dancer), Anna Wotring (dancer), and Prashast Thapan (3D Animator).
Forging their own genre of anti-pop meets electronic hip-hop, 2012 Bid Adieu takes the scene, seeking to upset traditional means of production. Individually, the members have gained recognition from outlets and media sites such as Def Jam Recordings, Tru Thoughts Records, Afropunk, Okayplayer, Blavity, KEXP-FM, Earmilk, The Masked Gorilla, Indiecurrent, The Deli Magazine, THRDCoast, Respect Magazine, BBC Radio 6, Revive Music, and more.

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