Last Nail In The Coffin – “Screaming At You” Official Music Video

Last Nail In The Coffin

Last Nail in the Coffin is an American metal band from San Jose, California, formed in 2016. The band was formed by vocalist Sean Skellington and lead guitarist Greg Shepard, along side bassist Jason Mendoza and drummer Joe Maggie. The group will release its debut album, ‘Leave It in the Grave’, on January 20, 2017, The single “A Million Middle Fingers” was released as a single to promote the upcoming album. The band incorporates crushing riffs and sonic ranged vocals.
“We just wanted to make a really raw massive album,” says Sean with a smirk. “Going into it, we knew that we didn’t want to make the bullshit polished or over-produced record that everyone has heard over and over, so we put ourselves into the mindset that we don’t give a fuck what people think, we just want to make a bad ass record that we’re proud of. ”

Sean and his cohorts tapped into the massive energy their native Nor-Cal is known for, crafting a true metal sound. They’re not making any apologies for it either. “A Million Middle Fingers ”. is an irresistible anthem doused in gasoline! Now watch as they set fire to a cloned band industry!

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