Sessions – “Cheeto In Charge” Official Music Video


Sessions are a three piece skate punk band formed in September 2017. These geriatric punks have been part of the local music scene for decades. Sessions released a self titled EP in June of 2018, and have since been playing regularly around the Southern Alberta Punk scene, building a small but loyal fanbase.

Guitarist and Vocalist “Big” Brian Kostersky is the creative driving force behind Sessions, writing most of the riffs and lyrics. He’s also our punk encyclopedia, knowing the scene better than any of the other members, and drawing influences from some of the greatest punk bands in the world.

Bassist and Vocalist James “High Times” Myer does some help with the creative work, writing a couple of songs and a few riffs. James learned about punk music in his early teens, but also draws his influence from the stoner rock and reggae scenes. “High Times” is an appropriate nickname.

Drummer and Vocalist Jason “The Old Guy” Warkentin is the band dad. He’s also the glue that keeps it all together. His high intensity drumming is what gives Sessions their signature sound. His background in metal drumming gives him the chops to play fast, really fast. As our band slogan goes, “Like that, only faster.”

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