Xero – “Savior” Official Music Video


Xero are a 5-piece original metal band from Limerick city, Ireland. Formed in 2016 by Dave Bourke and Mike Carroll who had been writing and recording an album to bring to potential members. The album became known as ‘Beyond the Glass’ and was the debut XERO album.
Bourke and Carroll decided every track should come from differing influences which would range from soft rock to hardcore and thrash metal, and everything in between.
They felt the worst thing that could happen was to be placed into a certain category which the band would then have to adhere to stylistically. The album had a large variety of sounds and pulls influence from bands ranging from Pantera to Faith No more, Metallica to HIM, Black Sabbath to Oasis.
Carroll and Bourke found common musical ground with drummer Andrew Farrell, bassist Nick Bromfield, keyboard player Peter Meehan and lead guitarist Conny O’ Connor and began jamming the songs which gave them quite a long set from the beginning putting them ahead of a lot of other bands in the local scene who were releasing EPs at the time.
Over the last two years the band has worked hard refining their sound and tightness with one another and has written and recorded their first release featuring the writing influences of all band members, ‘SPITE’. SPITE is a 3-track EP showcasing a more evolved sound.
During the writing and recording of the EP the band crossed paths with metal giant Jeff Waters of the legendary Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator who collaborated on the release bringing his writing style and lead guitar skills to the table further driving the sound into a much more professional sounding territory.
Every song on the band’s new batch of material is inspired by the mood and atmosphere of different horror movies of the 1960’s. Every song is different to the last but they all share a common dark and aggressive edge which unifies the tracks.
SPITE was released in March of 2018.
In April of 2018 keyboard player Peter Meehan left the band and XERO now operates as a 5 piece. They are currently in the studio recording another 3 track collaboration EP with Florida based musician Shawn Bowen of Neurotica and Meatspace. The EP will be released under the name ‘Barriers’ at a later date this year.

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