Ashes Of Moon – “Melting Away” TriCircle Records

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Ashes Of Moon – “Melting Away” TriCircle Records

Artist city, country: Austria

Artist Biography: In winter 2009, young musicians Michael Sägmüller and Matthias Fibrich decide to found a band, the beginning of Ashes of Moon. It’s not exactly clear what the new band shall be, but one thing is for sure: to create an own kind of music, with unique style and sound and not being a cover-project. First drummer named Dominique Studer is to be found soon, but search for a singer did not prove successful. After several rehearsals without any vocals, bass player Matthias starts doing the singer part too. The growling vocals mean an add of typical Death Metal elements to the early grooving material, gradually remaining the only element left of this genre in Ashes Of Moon’s later music.

At time called “Tracked Grader”, several line-up changes finally lead to the implementation of a second guitarist named Christoph Ajd to the young band. Decision to focus on Thrash Metal is soon to be rejected, as the musicians, especially Michael as songwriter, feel too confined by the typical needs and musical structures of this genre. In 2010 first demo called “The Course Of Truth” is going to be recorded at the bands rehearsal room, containing 4 songs. Only 50 pieces of this record are being produced as giveaways. Shortly afterwards, the band starts playing its first live gigs in small clubs and bars.

By the end of summer 2016, Ashes Of Moon are back in the studio to record 4 new tracks for their upcoming, self-produced EP “Melting Away”, which continues the band’s musical evolution. The EP will be released at the beginning of 2017.

Producer Name: Ashes of Moon

About the Video: Melting Away, first released song of the new Ashes of Moon EP “MELTING AWAY”!!!

Four brand-new songs of pure sphere, emotion and severity!

All music and lyrics by Ashes of Moon

Recorded by Matthias Fabsists, Sound Panther Studio, Graz 2016,

Mixed and mastered by Chris Coulter, Decimal.Studios, London 2017,

Art “Liftetime (1984)” by Georg Brandner,



Label Name: TriCircle Records

Song Lyrics: Lost in the tides
Like dead wood I’m drifting away
As the night eats the sky
Realize I got nothing to say
Ghost lights burn
Won’t see another day
I created a maze
Ghost lights burn
Won’t see another day

Exhausted by myself
Again I pine for you
Separated by worlds
Salvation hides my doom
I abhor myself
Hope you will come soon
Under a falling sky
Dead soil surrounds the bloom

I won’t leave
Let your sunshine destroy me
I won’t leave
Let me become free

Melt me away
Please melt my frozen heart
Melt me away
Before I drown in the dark

My body cold and pale
Black water enters me
Your love is my collapse
Such a beauty hard to see
I covered all the light
Lost ship in a black cold sea

These shadows you see
Pain sown by me
These shadows you see
Please redeem me

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