Bastian – “Unstable” Official Music Video

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Bastian – “Unstable” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Vancouver, Canada

Artist Biography: BASTIAN is a 5 piece metal band from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. In January 2018, the band revealed a new lineup and a self titled album to be released late summer.

Director Name: Mike Chatwin
Director Link:
Producer Name: Mike Chatwin
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About the Video: “Everything you think you know about sanity will be thrown out the window after watching this!”

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Song Lyrics: “Unstable”

I’ll show you problems Just stick around, I’ll show you fear I’ll show you my problems but it’s unstable, I’m crazy watch yourself it’s here Why was it when our world had everything you threw away the feeling we held dear? I close my eyes and see what this is made of Your own despise; Hate I know that I’m a let down, tell me I’m a let down Now I’m gonna let you down You must have been a mad machine to live a life of fucking sin Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention, please? Let me introduce you to the monster inside of me Show me what you mean He’ll make you pray you never stood beside me He’ll take your hand and break it just to watch you beg He’ll make you fucking beg Now that you’ve met my demon will you be a little more reluctant killing me? Let’s fall asleep and hope we never wake up cause that’s where he will be Waiting there for me Oh, did you think that he’d forget, to make sure you’re not breathing? He is me.

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