Brain Drill – “Infinite Oblivion” Official Music Video

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Brain Drill – “Infinite Oblivion” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Brain Drill is a technical death metal band from Santa Cruz, Ca. ‘Boundless Obscenity’ is the 3rd full length album self released by the band and available now.

Director Name: Nikko Deluna
Director Link:
Producer Name: Nikko Deluna
Producer Link:

About The Video: This is the song “Infinite Oblivion” off of Brain Drill’s 3rd album ‘Boundless Obscenity’.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Time passes away
Light begins to fade
Darkness closes in on you
Energy begins to drain
A numbness sweeps over
No feelings of pain

Infinite Oblivion (x4)

On your final resting place
Your body cannot mend
Remembrance of your existence
Anticipation of the end (x2)

No longer able to move
Eyelids begin to close

Now death has consumed you
And nothingness is endless (x4)

Erased, unaware

Forever into the nihility
No soul, just lifeless (x2)

That ones life began

Returning to (x3)

Infinite Oblivion (x4)

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