Chariots Of The Gods – “Through Darkness And Decay” A BlankTV World Premiere!

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Chariots of the Gods – “Through darkness and decay ” A BlankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: Ottawa, Canada

Artist Biography: Chariots of the Gods is straight up, balls to the walls, in your face Heavy Metal. With blistering solos, gripping melodies & harmonies, rioting vocals and drums that just won’t quit, this is what it’s all about.

About The Video: The song itself is very personnal and reflects some of the darkest times in the life of our singer. It’s about dealing with substance abuse and hitting rock bottom. About being so far down and not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. It’s a first for us to do a ballad type of song and at first we weren’t really sure how things would turn out. But once all the layers we’re put in place we had a really emotional song with a good groove, intensity and some subtle touches that make it a stand-out song on our new record.

The video, constituted mostly of in studio footage, was a nice throwback to when we we’re working on the album.
As for the story part, I believe chris had a lot of fun walking down the streets and reenacting parts of his past life.
We came away with great looking footage.

Director Name: Mathieu St-Amour
Director Link:
Producer Name: Mathieu St-Amour, Renaud Jobin-Delaquis
Producer Link:


Song Lyrics: Standing here all alone in a dark corner
Wondering how did things ever get this way
I’m staring into an empty bottle
Shivering darkness taking my soul away
I feel so cold and lonely, I miss the warmth
I miss myself and the life that I had

It all went away in a glimpse of a moment
A bad decision, destroying all the love that I owned
I’ve tried so hard to accept what I’ve done
But a somber tone keeps filling me inside
Reminding me how it hurts so badly

I had it all but I fucked it all up
Every pieces of me started to shatter like a broken mirror
There’s something inside of me that keeps sabotaging
Everything I love so dearly
I feel so helpless, sick of falling apart

Here I am again on my own
And I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it through without using
I’ve got a loaded gun in my shaking hand
Struggling hardly, to point it to another way
But the trigger keeps telling me to do it

Why does it have to be this way?
I need to break away

Here I stand again facing this empty void
On the edge of a mountain, trying to make this choice
But my head is so fucked up that I can’t even see much clearly
And I don’t know what lies ahead, it scares the hell out of me
All I know is what mattered in this life has turned to decay


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