Clay – “Questions” Official Music Video

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Clay – “Questions” Official Music Video – A DankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Gwinnett County, Georgia, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Clay is a self produced rapper from Gwinnett County, Georgia.


Song Lyrics: I guess my family got it worse really
Not so pleasant irrelevant but when i was younger thought I’d take care of it
Some anger was inherited, DNA sharing with a man who got fucked out of his plan, now I’m channeling
They said the doctor knew about the stroke before it hit
Thought about that shit the first time I took my first hit
Feels like i’m drowning in the desert can’t breath in
Tell me he won’t ever be the same again
So I, wait a long time, wait with him in long lines
At offices that pump him up with drugs, live a long time
Live long enough to see everything you love die
Every night, have to watch my mom cry
I think she thinks that I’m too young to understand, but I know my grandfather and I know the type of man that he is
He’d rather be dead than be like this, I was seven years old and even I could get it, but
Fifth grade, summer days, outside playing baseball
Get a little sad, anytime that frank calls
Tell him that I love him always feeling ungrateful
Always wondered if it’d be the last call but..
It took ten years for my mom to lose a father
Two months for me to realize I can’t have a daughter
I could try to do it but why would i even bother when i know, I’d always be the problem

I’ve got questions, got a lot of questions
People wanna know if i’m ever gonna answer ’em
Somebody hold me down
I’ve got a question, just one question
Is anybody out there ever gonna listen?
And what do i do now?

Sixteen, lose my mind, feel a little drug fried
This girl says she loves me and I get a little tongue tied
So I say it back, can’t remember what it feels like
Seventeen, something doesn’t feel right
So I slowly realize my life’s already over
And I can’t fucking sleep now, how ’bout when I’m older?
Drunk lady singing wanna put some fucking holes in her
Put her in the dirt for Lucifer the fucking gold digger
If i was a pack mule somebody would have shot me
Worthless far as anyone, worthless far as i can see
Happy days was in the fifties, guess they’re just history half the time, I can’t even stand me
I guess I don’t care when JK tries to spite me
and I don’t really care that nobody really likes me
In the parking lot like yeah motherfucker fight me
Realize he’s just like me
I used to think the sky was the limit, but the sky is just falling
And the best version of life now is still just fucking appalling
I’m dying for attention I’m hungry man, I’m starving
I used to think I had a calling
But now I’m stalling out, I’m shutting down on twenty-nine
Try to make the best of it, just wasting my damn time
Thanksgiving, family saying grace roll my fucking eyes
Tell me that your god is gonna save me that’s a fucking lie

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