Closer To Found – “Listen Close And You Hear The Ocean” Official Music Video

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Closer to Found – “Listen Close and You Hear the Ocean” Official Music Video

Artist City, Country: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Artist Bio: Closer to Found bring melody, heart, and intellect to their music; their dual vocal approach gives an individual edge to their sound which transcends their influences of Bring Me the Horizon, Issues, Norma Jean, Vanna, and Underoath, which they describe as “heavy, groove-driven metalcore.”

Co-vocalist Lawrence Leylekian explains the band’s name represents “the human struggle to find one’s self. The name was formed to represent how the songs are catalogued moments of the ups-and-downs throughout that journey.”

Lawrence sees Closer to Found’s debut as a serious statement of the band’s intent. ‘Always Just as Lost’ uses heavy groove-driven riffs and timely uplifting choruses to truly convey the struggle, which takes place within the lyrics themselves, and should be received as a testament to the diversity that the metalcore genre has to offer.”

Closer to Found are a band brave enough to gaze into the abyss that is the reality that surrounds us. “The lyrics are generally the outcome of trying to relieve stress or turmoil. They are inspired by the daily negativity that we are all bombarded with, and attempt to keep the mind on a positive track…The album as a whole is a journey one finds themselves embarking on as they realize their problems, what it takes to fix them; and the various pitfalls, which can occur along the said journey.”

Closer to Found see their relationship with their fans as a close one. “We are always looking to bring the listener on the cathartic experience that the music is offering. “Listen Close and You Hear the Ocean” submerges the listener into the positive mindset of realizing what it takes to accomplish your goals and make yourself truly happy….Closer to Found is proud of their commitment towards an energetic and honest performance, which is backed by a clean and tight sound.”

About the Video: Taken from the album ‘Always Just as Lost’.

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