Demonchrist – “The Bleeding” Official Music Video

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Demonchrist – “The Bleeding” Official Music Video


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Artist City, State, Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Artist Bio: Prologue:
Demonchrist is Megasuper groupband formed in 2018 by Randy Jordan & Trash Gordon.

Chapter 1:
After a 3-year hiatus (touring around the world poaching exotic game), Trash returned home, shortly after, during a bout of old hag syndrome the ghost of Little Walter himself came to visit Trash and teach him the wicked ways of the blues harp. The next day he realized he could play! No practice at all! So Trash decided to get involved in a new music project. He would write some satanic Romanticized blues lyrics. But with no chops to sing the songs he was at a stand still.
Until the stabbing incident! While working as a janitor on a film set in Montreal.

Chapter 2:
Randy Jordan’s first claim to fame was in the movie business. He was the star of the Telefilm produced documentary “Glue Sniffers of Montreal.” During the film, Randy’s tent-mate stabbed him with a shard from a bottle of Colt 45, causing him to let out an ear piercing shriek. Randy and his assailant both looked at each other in a moment of realization that Randy’s screams were awesome. Randy promptly joined Demonchrist as lead vocalist.
The end.

Director Name: Jordan Randall, Adrian Patterson, Sadie Satan.
Director Website:


Album: The Lucifix LP

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