Down With Rent – “Scooter Kid Death Machine” Destroy All Music

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Down with Rent – “Scooter Kid Death Machine” Destroy All Music – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Four kids who started a punk band after two of them met at CCSU in 2013. They dragged in two other schmucks, and the rest was history. Their full-length LP “Entitled Millennial Scum” was released on Bandcamp on July 3rd, 2018 after a few demos and EP’s in the years leading up.
Down With Rent utilize a wide range of musical influences to bring a substantial and explosive message back to modern punk music.

Director Name: Origin DV (Mike Yarlott)
Producer Name: Down With Rent

About the Video: There’s a plague that’s been cast upon skateboarders since time immemorial: scooter kids. Down With Rent takes a hard stance against such shenanigans and believes their skate parks are for the people, not a soccer mom’s caravan of scooter parasites.

Facebook: BandCamp:
Instagram: @downwithrent

Label Name: Destroy All Music
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Song Lyrics: “Scooter Kid Death Machine”

Snake my path, fall on cracks, but fuck me if I laugh while watching kids skid and fall face-first on concrete slabs. Minutes turn to hours, still I haven’t moved an inch. Stuck in place, surrounded by these vicious scooter kids. What can you do when there’s 15 of them and one of you? Choke on your handlebars. The death machine runs seven days a week. We won’t stop til handlebars line the streets. Tearing flesh, ripping shreds, grinding bones to dust. I don’t want anything to be left here when we’re done. They should have known the risk when they came out to play. Throw them in, close the lid then grind them into meat. Elbow pads drenched in blood. All these little scooter fucks have ran into my shins for the last time.

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