Heresy – “Suiciety” A BlankTV World Premiere Music Video!

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Heresy – “Suiciety” A BlankTV World Premiere Music Video!

Artist city, country: San Jose, Costa Rica

Artist Biography: Profane Metal from the veins of Latin America.

Director Name: Andres Carrillo
Producer Name: Heresy

About the Video: “Suiciety” is about the contrast between society and the agony of civilization with pederast leaders, money as a ruling God, and how the individual is exploited by big companies and suppress their dreams with the threat of not fitting in. Society is the rule we have to follow, whether due to individuality or to escape from it and die in exile.


Song Lyrics: “Suiciety”

Music: Heresy. Lyrics: Raley.

Crumbs of bread to calm the masses heal the famine from the lands
The sun will heal their heads
Choose your defect, not to fight. A numbered grave, a golden staff
sees the faithful hunger

Welcome to our nightmare
Deep inside there’s darkness
As they run into their graves
Let them speak!

Feel the pleasures of the night
See the hypocrites aligned
Then “changed” by superstition

All the banners from the flag begin to fall from the pale skies
Crime becomes your lover
And if you try to cast away, to find a shore in other land
you know madness is coming

Welcome to our nightmare
Deep inside this darkness
As they run into their graves
Let them speak!

Forfeit identity
And curse the light
See your time fade away collecting debt to the 1%

Attack, deceive and kill!
Forget to strive
Make a line to eat bread from the hands of a pederast

Born to be in the land of the free, born to kill for it, brick by brick, mind by mind, the wall was built deep inside. Consider lost what was owned, rooted within our demise, and keep your head in the game, safe, secure as you repeat yourself all over….
We don’t know how to be free
We don’t know how to be free

Deep inside!!!
As they run!!!
Let them breathe!!!

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