Ilona – “Heroes In Disguise” Official Music Video

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Ilona – “Heroes in Disguise” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: London, England, UK

Artist Bio: Originally from Bulgaria, but based in the UK for the past fifteen years, Ilona has had a life that makes her unlike many others. With a rich blend of influences to draw on, combined with her passion for music and the ability to speak 4 languages, she is truly a unique and original performer. Discovered by songwriter/producer Tony Moore (Ex- Cutting Crew/ Iron Maiden) five years ago, ILONA has gone from performing her first ever solo gig of 1 song live to headlining festival stages and touring the UK and US, as well as reaching number 2 on the iTunes pop charts with ”Back to You” single released in May 2014.
Ilona started 2017 with a mini residency at The Downtown Grand in Las Vegas, where the hotel described her as the best act they’d had in the venue and immediately wanted to book her back for later in the year. The Talent Buyer for the shows, Judy Alberti said “ILONA is a truly passionate performer with an original and genuinely evocative voice. Her mastery of the art of songwriting is world-class….” After several months of songwriting between London and Nashville she released her latest single, ”Safety Net” in October 2017.
ILONA was recently invited to write the official single for Wembley to Soweto Charity, called ”Heroes in Disguise”, released in April 2018. She embarked on a second successful US summer tour featuring headline shows in NYC’s Cutting Room and Nashville’s sold-out Bluebird Cafe.
ILONA’s Fragile Heart EP is on the international BRITISH AIRWAYS playlist since October 2018.
ILONA is currently working on her debut album.
Others have likened her voice to Shania Twain, Karen Carpenter, and even Sheryl Crow, but ILONA also has something very special all of her own. A unique tone, a natural sense of dynamics and the ability to sing a lyric, tell a story and make people know she means it.

Director Name: Tony Moore/ ILONA
Director Website:

About the Video: London, UK / Soweto, South Africa

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Heroes in Disguise”

Picture this
A life where you can leave your pain
A life where you can start again
Picture this
A vision that can change a prayer
A happy heart that’s always there
In the now
So don’t be afraid of fear
You know as long as we’re still here
We can be anything larger than life, rise up from the ground
We can fall down over ten thousand times then turn it all right back around
We never imagined how good life could be
but inside you and me,
We can see
past these ghosts in the mirror
That we’re heroes in disguise
Heroes in disguise
Picture this
Losing everything you’ve got
Never having had a lot
Just holding on and on and on
Don’t be afraid to dream
We’re so much closer than it seems….
We can be anything larger than life, rise up from the ground
We can be lost and found ten thousand times, turn it all right back around
Never imagined how good life can be
Cause inside you and me,
We can see
past these ghosts in the mirror
That we’re heroes in disguise
Heroes in disguise
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