Infernal Majesty – “No God” High Roller Records – Official Music Video

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Infernal Majesty – “No God” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Vancouver, Canada

Artist Biography: In the city of Toronto, in the year 1986, Rick Nemes (drums), Psycopath (bass), Kenny Hallman (guitar), Steve Terror (guitar) and Chris Bailey, joined forces and created the heavy metal band Infernäl Mäjesty. In September 1987, the world wide release, of the now, cult classic, None Shall Defy was launched by Roadrunner Records in New York City. Infernäl Mäjesty’s main objective was to write an album of complex and exciting thrash tunes, to unleash onto the world. They received very promising reviews from leading magazines such as, Metal Hammer, Aardschok and Kerrang. Displeased Records lists Infernäl Mäjesty along with Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Kreator and Death as one of the main influences on the death/black/thrash metal music scene. Spanning three decades founding members Chris Bailey, Steve Terror and Kenny Hallman have added Daniel Nargang on Bass and Kiel T. Wilson on drums to the line up and have released their new opus ‘No God’, April 14th 2017 on High Roller Records followed by three new music videos ”House of War,” ”Signs of Evil” and ”No God” written, directed, filmed, edited and produced by vocalist Chris Bailey.

Director Name: Christopher Bailey
Producer Name: Christopher Bailey

About the Video: The official music video for “No God” by Infernal Majesty from the new album ”No God,” available at High Roller Records.
Written and Directed by: Christopher Bailey
Produced by: Christopher Bailey
Edited by: Christopher Bailey
Production Company: Satanical Entertainment
Stay tuned for the Black and White HD 4K Widescreen release available soon at the Official Infernal Majesty YouTube Channel.

Artist Website:

Label Name: High Roller Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: ”No God”
Music: Terror Lyrics: Bailey

No God
Steely wings of Armageddon cruise above the earth
Incinerate the masses send theirs souls into the hearth
Nobel wolf upon your heed the howling of coercion
They conspire in the belly of the beast
His minions released to blacken the seas
Down on bent knees to bestow the gods of greed
Pontifex Maximus primeval disease
For the devil takes care of his own

No God No God No God No God

Born of fire from the starless depths of hell
The red cross turns black so many dead sent up the stacks
Spill the blood of virtue for the empire of gold
Satan laughing defecating into open mouths below

No God

Demon eyes in the sky locked on target detonate
Children die hellfire’s cry pull the trigger assassinate

No God

Horrible visions of torture an pain await at the bay of the damned Shackled an chained your life slips away numbed by the Christ killer king

No God

Demon eyes in the sky locked on target detonate
Children die hellfire’s cry pull the trigger assassinate

I spit on all religion feed the bible to the goats
No god to heal the sick compassion revoked
Flies swarm around faces staring dead into the heat
Righteous indignation the wolves sodomize the meek
Defending the bastions they lay down the laws
Ten Commandments to follow you hideous godless whore

I spit on all religion nail the bible to the cross
Burn them in the flames of all the wasted lives now gone
The ground war has started building hatred deep inside
Potent the mind of men unleash the crimson tide
Beckoning reprisal the overlords extort
Their freedom for justice there is No God of Earth

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