Kane Liostro – “Feel Again” Official Music Video – A TranqTV Feature

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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ch/album/feel-again-feat.-landry/id1183776283?i=1183776302&l=fr

Kane Liostro – “Feel Again” Official Music Video – A TranqTV Feature

Artist city, country: Switzerland

Artist Biography: Kane Liostro is a Swiss based Music Songwriter/Composer/Producer. Fascinated by dance music at the age of fifteen, he wrote his first composition at age seventeen and began making more professional recordings at age twenty. His life now evolves around writing great pop and electronic music and is always looking for new collaborations.

Director Name: Austin Hein
Producer Name: Steven Choiseau

About The Video: The video is showing two cool girls having fun in Miami singing along with the song.

Facebook: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/K-Liostro-141716705982918/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTTMBu6P4vg
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kane_liostro

Song Lyrics:
You got it down yeah, you know the way it goes
you quote your lines like a professional
you’ve played this part we’ve done this scene at least a hundred times before
you broke my heart but i still let you in
I took the chance and here we are again
cryin tellin me you’re sorry but I feel nothing at all

you say all the right things to make me feel
this time will be different, so I’m here
but somewhere on this cycle
my heart stopped showing up

I think that I’ve had enough
taking hits and calling bluffs
I just need somebody to make me feel again
someone push me past the edge
my heart is not done beating yet
I just need somebody to make me feel again

Is this the part where we stay up all night
talking bout how we gon’ make it right
jut save the story for your girlfriends
or somebody who has time
cause I don’t care girl cause every time you speak
your pretty words never seem to mean a thing
and it’s so sad but I feel nothing
when I look into your eyes

I hear you talkin but I don’t care
not angry I just don’t care
so baby why you still here
I hope you know you ruined a good thing
left my heart numb and bleeding
and I hope someone can save me cause

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