Kinzua – “Bascule” Official Music Video

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Kinzua – “Bascule” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: KINZUA is a project founded in 2015 by Andy Colosimo who with Monte Holt recorded their debut EP at Abbeyville Road Studios – Lancaster, PA. Since the release of the EP in March of 2018, they have quietly been building grass roots support through Bandcamp and podcast interviews. Their follow-up effort is slated for a 2019 release.

Director Name: Dave Petersen
Producer Name: Keano Jan

About the Video: Shot at Stirling Mansion in Centre Park Historic District.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Bascule”

A thousand miles apart,
Mountains in between,
Separates the times when you and I were we

A hound to bolt the fox,
I’m at your beck and call,
To stem the tides and, oftentimes, to break the falls

You flourish from your rest
Basking in my stare
But cursed and wept like warp and weft
when worse for wear

No maids to wind your clocks,
To press and hem your clothes
Yet here you stand, awoke, bespoke and never spoken for,

Up here we’ll be unstoppable,
And from up here we’ll be unstoppable,
Crashing through the ice

We are but rare, secretly, scared, strangers in our homes
Living fresh faced and fair, sacred and scarce
Often seen to some while seldom heard to all but one

(We are the rare)
(Still undiscovered)
(We are the rare)
(Still undiscovered)
(We are the rare)
(Still undiscovered)

Up here, we’ll be unstoppable,
And from up here, we’ll be unstoppable, (Dive to lower 5th on 2nd time)
Crashing through the ice

A thousand miles apart,
A mountain in between
You separate from me

A shadow of a doubt,
A specter in the air,
Recoiled in all your fears

From up here
So rare and scarce,
And from up here
We’re scared but safe

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