Megalmodas – “False Devotion” Morales Recordings – Official Teaser Video

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Megalmodas – “False Devotion” Morales Recordings – Official Teaser Video

Artist city, country: Jena, Germany

Artist Biography: Megalmodas is the solo project of Tobias Walter, which dibbles in different musical styles (Industrial, Electronica and Goth Rock/Post Wave). Never want to get pinned down to just one kind of music.
First shows are planned for 2017, and new videos and songs will emerge in the course of the year.

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About The Video: Being “in love” with the wrong woman, seems like being enchanted by the (wrong) religion. This song is about this “False Devotion” …

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Label Name: Morales Recordings
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Song Lyrics: All things are set in motion
the power’s struggle (is) on
lay down your false devotion
& show what needs to be shown

bring forth thy silent anthem
bow down to touch the sky
Don’t never ever trust them
the whole world is a lie


Lost in a state of knowing
awake but not alive
pray for another soul mate
in this disenchanted hive

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