Michael McDermott – “Knocked Down” Pauper Sky Records

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Michael McDermott – “Knocked Down” Pauper Sky Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: For nearly twenty years, singer-songwriter Michael McDermott buried himself in drugs and alcohol, and he surveys the toll his addiction took on his personal and professional life with remarkable candor. “I burned a lot of bridges and screwed things up pretty bad,” he states. “I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that it was just short of suicide by cop. I knew I had to stop, but it took a while for me to get the message.” He credits his wife and their young daughter, Rain, for finally pulling him through.

McDermott’s 11th studio recording, ‘Out from Under’, due for release April 27 on Pauper Sky Records. The poignant new album sees him riding the crest of a critical and commercial upswing following the unprecedented success of his previous effort, 2016’s ‘Willow Springs’, which reached No. 1 on EuroAmericana charts. But ‘Out from Under’ is more than a victory lap: brimming with richly autobiographical songs that mix stunning frankness with wicked, idiosyncratic humor, it’s the sound of a clear-eyed, dedicated artist, now a contented husband and father, giving in to his heart’s most urgent commands and trusting his instincts in ways he never thought possible.

Director Name: Fred Uhter

Artist Website: http://www.Michael-McDermott.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelMcDermottMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/michaelmcdermot
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/michaelmcdermott

Label Name: Pauper Sky Records

Song Lyrics: “Knocked Down”

It’s always been like this
Nothing’s changed
Since the day I was born
I always felt a little strange
I always did
I always do
Sometimes I get a little lonely baby
How ‘bout you?
I always doI always did
You better be careful When you’re messin’ with the kid It ain’t no big thing It’s all the same to me Sometimes a little leak of light Is all you needIn these hard times You gotta take a few I ain’t no glass jaw joker Baby that is true You can see the stars better from the underground I know a thing or two about being knocked down I lived like a dog Slept in the street I had a home in the bushes With the rats at my feet I’ve been so strung out In dirty hotel rooms Had girls on the pipe All afternoon I’ve been ridden like a horse All night and day Been turned out and burned out Led astray That’s the way it is I’m tellin’ you straight I gotta pocket full of rocket and I’m looking for a hard eight I’m a skid row savior, spike for a crown I know a thing or two about being knocked down I know a thing or two about being knocked down I got this old guitar An Irish hat Spent 20 years baby With a monkey on my back That was hard time Even harder still If the left one don’t get you Then the right one will I’ve been hustled and muscled Left for dead Had my face to the wall And a gun to my head I’ve been cheated, defeated Played for a fool Everything I ever needed Always came from you I think it’s time we order, another round I know a thing or two about being knocked down Two days of riding shotgun in a Yellow Cab Started talking to a Priest right outside a Meth Lab I did not say, what I was trying to do I said “Hell is arbitrary, it’s a point of view”I think he got it, I think he understood I’m pretty sure he knew That I was up to no good Then I gave him a hug Went right in Sometimes you find heaven In a place of sin Hallelujah, Boy it’s never enough That which doesn’t kill you man It makes you tough Then I’m the toughest thing goin’ baby, pound for pound I know a thing or two about being knocked down I could hear the voices callin’ from the corner men Tellin’ me to stay down, that we had reached the end I thought, ” Fuck that…” Nobody’s callin this fight I’ll decide when, There’s still time to make it right It’s your life You get only one So you’d better beware of what you let it become I’m telling you straight, telling you true Do you choose your life or do you let it choose you?I said, I know a thing or two Yeah I know a thing or two about being knocked down

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