Nancy No Shoes – “Crimes Against Humonarchy” Official Music Video

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Nancy No Shoes – “Crimes against Humonarchy” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Newport, Wales

Artist Biography: Nancy No Shoes are a brand new band, about to release their first EP. Containing members past and present from various other UK punk bands Pizzatramp, Brassick, Grand Collapse and Bad Sam. We are coming for you with horrible negative songs about depression, death and despair.

Director Name: Rhys Bryant
Producer Name: Rhys Bryant

About the Video: Recorded the other night after a crate of Polish lager in about half an hour, a raging hardcore song about the Windsor MP Simon Dudley’s successful attempt to coerce the police into removing the homeless from the streets of his constituency for the royal wedding like they were some kind of rat infestation. They were removed then replaced by rich people with homes spending days camping out in Union Jack blankets obsessed with an outdated, not needed monarchy completely out of touch with reality and the working class and normal human beings.


Song Lyrics: “Crimes against Humonarchy”

You just cant sweep them into the gutter You’re disconnected Can’t even see it Face of a charity You dont even feel it Need some work done And tourisms fun But think where we’d be If you werent thinking of one Here comes the day Tax paid parade Just smile and wave boys Keep up the charade Straight off the streets Straight out of Windsor Like shovelling shit With a spoon made of silver Where’s your empathy Where’s you heart Dont know why we’re asking We knew from the start Crimes Against Humonarchy If a lion could speak Cant tell it dont eat No frame of reference

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