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Artist city, country: Tokyo, Japan

Artist Biography: SHAPEEN!! is a JAPANESE punk rock band. Yohei (Vo/Gt), Kotaro(Ba), and Atsushi(Dr) formed SHAPEEN!! in 2002. There was one thing in common for these guys. They were all big fans of the RAMONES and not technical kind of players so they decided to play like their favorite band. Atsushi hit every 8 beat like Tommy Ramone, Yohei and Kotaro played their guitar and bass by only down stroke picking like Johnny and DeeDee. Even their playing style is close to the Ramones, their songs are somehow a little bit different from the originals. All SHAPEEN!! Songs are sung in Japanese and Yohei, writing all songs and lyrics, always tries to capture their own music through his Japanese cultural background. You can see these efforts through the name of the band, SHAPEEN!! Sometimes people ask what “SHAPEEN!!” means. It’s a Japanese expression of “keen” sound. Through their fast and hard playing style, they want to express their emotion as a sharp and keen hit of the katana (Japanese sword). There were some changes in members during the last few years. Since winter of 2010 the line up was fixed as follows: Yohei Tani (Vo/Gt), Minoru Isogai(Ba), and Takumi Matsuura(Dr).

Director Name: Yohei Tani
Producer Name: Yohei Tani

Artist Website:

Label Name: Radiator Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Dancing Fool and Watching Fools”

Throw away the commonsense
The end will come in the blink of time
Making excuses and hesitating
Makes you miss every chances

※I’m a dancing fool and you’re watching fools
Just dance as a fool

Throw away the limit
Go with the top speed
Pull the trigger with no hesitation
I don’t mind to be ashamed


Throw away bullshit
Saying NO NO is meaningless
The chance won’t come twice
You can do it so let’s go


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