Patriots – “Hollow” Official Music Video

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Patriots – “Hollow” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Shah Alam, Malaysia

Artist Biography: Formed in 2016 and based in Malaysia, the band has recently released ‘StandOff’ EP and are currently in the studio recording their debut Album which is set to be released early 2019.

Director Name: Aiman Aqwa, Izmal
Producer Name: Aiman Aqwa, Izmal

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Song Lyrics: “Hollow”

Will I ever know what would happen if I die
If I said all my goodbyes will it stop me thinking
Know that I can’t be who you want me to be
So let me take what’s mine

What if I could be like
The person who could bend the light
Would it be enough to hold it all against you
Wish that I could be like
The person who could seize the night
How could we let this be
We’re better than before

I don’t care if this kills me
And I’ve told you that there’s no turning back
(There’s no turning back, if you’re not here to make me believe
that I’m worth saving)
Then stop pretending that you’re even trying
And I’m not wasting my time, for what you believe
Don’t be afraid of what’s been done
Just live and let go

(Repeat Chorus)
I tried my best wished it was enough
To make you hold on to what we had
I tried my best but it’s over now
I’ll take my place alone without you

Forgive me if I ever said enough
As long as I’m breathing I’ll keep on going till the day
They’ll remember my name and bury my past
For those days I wished I had lived

(Repeat Chorus)

I’m not afraid of nothing
And now my life is done
I swear I’ll hold on to this moment
Till I give in

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