Patriots – “Liberate” Feat. David Escamilla (Crown The Empire) – Official Music Video

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Patriots – “Liberate” feat. David Escamilla (Crown the Empire) – Skesh Entertainment – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Artist Biography: Based in Malaysia and was formed in 2016 with the release of their single ‘FALLEN’. Played alongside ‘ISSUES’, ‘NECK DEEP’, ‘IN HEARTSWAKE’ & ‘ESCAPE THE FATE in 2016. The band is set to promote their ep and tour Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines in 2017.

Producer Name: NABIL

About the Video: Featuring Dave Escamilla from the band ‘CROWN THE EMPIRE’.

Patriots – “Fallen”

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Label Name: Skesh Entertainment
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Song Lyrics: “Liberate”

Let’s put it in we made an oath we made a pact
To live this up, till we’re home again we swear on this
To not forget the ones we miss
As for these people they know nothing about me
I got no limitations but just reasons to believe

Oh what have you done
You pushed us aside

I gotta let go of what I had
I gotta make peace within myself, but if you take take
Chances than you’ll make make something that you’ll never forget

You’ll never know what dreams are made of, until you’re here standing here
Now I am filled with no regrets still there are lessons to be learned
We won’t be here again someday
So we sure as hell make it worth today


You’ll never know what dreams are made of
Until you’re here standing here

Oh what have you done
You pushed us aside

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