Pornscars – “Jonestown” Official Music Video

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Pornscars – “Jonestown” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Berlin, Germany

Artist Biography: What’s in a name?
We are all thrust into a corrupt and crooked world, forced to succumb to the indecency of selling our time, our self, our life in order to support our own banal and docile existence.
Every day we aid what we despise, every day we feed and fund our enemy.
These contradictions generate scars upon our self worth, upon our integrity (upon our so-called soul).
However these scars are a sign of decency, a symptom of our humanity and should, therefore, be celebrated. – Pornscars

Director Name: SubCulTV
Director Website:


Song Lyrics: “Jonestown”

They’ve got a leader
Who thinks he’s Jesus

I’ve never heard a man speak like this before
Sermons are jumping like a rocking dance floor
Spread a message of love and equality
and helping those in need in poor communities

He will be your friend, your father, your saviour
There’s no way back and dissent is betrayal
Noble ideals have now been twisted
A hell on earth and these victims enlisted

To prove your devotion sure takes a lot
Agree to be poisoned or end up shot
When your messiah shows his true face
You’ve got to admit that it’s been a mistake

Cut off from the world in complete isolation
How can you question these divine decisions?
Drugs, paranoia, talk of conspiracy
Well, in the end they gained death, not liberty

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