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The Gerenuks – “Bambino Baterista” Retrosynth Records

Artist City/State/Country: Bristol, England, UK

Artist Bio: The Gerenuks (formerly Siblings of Us) are an Alternative New Wave duo consisting of Fonzy Armour and Zack Reed from Bristol, UK established in January 2016.
The band has self produced three music videos, two E.Ps and two singles in their short time together. Their sound has taken them to a new place from starting as synthwave pop to now a metal, new wave, synthwave hybrid, that has a fulfilled uniqueness.
For fans of The Pixies, The Mars Volta, Gunship, Carpenter Brut, Alexisonfire, Foster The People. The Gerenuks operate under RetroSynth Records and Witch and The Wolf Ltd.

Director Name: Adam Armour
Director Link:
Producer Name: Mark Hanlon

About the Video: Brand new 4K one shot music video from Alt New Wave duo The Gerenuks.


Song Lyrics: “Bambino Baterista”

Catch your breath, you are the meaning of the word…….Vain.
With the world in your hand, you take the best chance,
The repercussions of an arrogant mass,
We gave it up, just to take your next step.
I felt the heart of last summer, and we killed it with kindness.
Loss we live without,
I feel the part of what you are, and I can’t understand it,
It’s a sign that may remind you of your time.
Don’t tell me your problems, drama, drama, drama and woe is me. I can’t compare.
I’m so sorry you’ve gotta go, it’s so hard, you wanna listen to the hand that feeds you.
Guess we are the problem, money is endless and we haven’t got the need to beg.
Friends will come and go,
But a family is our foundation,
And it’s a kick in face, and model of moral highs.
I felt the heart of last summer, and we killed it with kindness.
Loss, we , live , without.
I feel the part of what you are, and I can’t understand it.
The sign is distress, the reek of your mess, the false abilities and gesture of the sickness.
I guess it’s typical, shaded millennial, just give it time and you’ll fall.

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