Transitions – “Contentment” Official Music Video

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Transitions – “Contentment” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Artist Biography: An alternative emo rock band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Director Name: Aiman Aqwa
Producer Name: Aperforatedsphere Productions

Transitions – “The Inner Fatigue Towards an Apathy” –


Song Lyrics: “Contentment”

As the breeze goes by, your apparition stands in the isle of a fractic delusional mind.
Scampered out of fear, I’m left all unassured. Sights in the eyes of another fallacy. Squandering every effort than I’ve done to keep everything to be fine; For one self to be sublime. Hope for a light of an escape, it seems like I’m vanishing with a saddening pace. Oh, how I’ve carried myself through, imminently I stand to be complied by danger. Every step has been taken but I’m blessed with indignation! And I’m sure that I can carry myself to keep everything, I mean everything to be fine for you!” “The potential I had, the belief that I had, wondering how everything can be so disconcerting. I’m losing every optimism of the outcome of what might be something special in the remainder of my life. Scampered out of fear, I’m left all unassured. Sights in the eyes of another fallacy!” Little did we know! Oh, little did we know that people would take us for what we hate and not for what we cherish to be!

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