Without Hope – “Colorblind” A BlankTV World Premiere Teaser Video!

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Without Hope – “Colorblind” A BlankTV World Premiere Teaser Video!

Artist city, country: Fairfield, California, U.S.A.

Director Name: Devonte Thomas

About the Video: Without Hope is a 4-piece metalcore band from the Sacramento area. Influenced by many modern metalcore bands, they craft their sound with technical riffs, breakdowns, ambient cleans, and heartfelt lyrics.

Artist Website: https://www.withouthopeband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WithouthopeCA/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/without_hope_ca

Song Lyrics: “Colorblind”

The light reflected never reached my eyes. Is there something to hide, or am I just blind? Why can’t I see through this disguise?

Lately things seem strange, even though nothing has really changed. I find myself searching. Searching for motivation but all I get is frustration. Why can’t I see what they see?

The designs not what it should be. Now I’m seeing flaws in everything. And i cant guarantee that i wont be leaving.


The colors fade as I walk away. There’s just no solace in this place. There’s no reaction. There’s no satisfaction, I just need a trace.

These colors turn to grey. Broken and stripped away. The pain is all too much.This picture’s crumbled to dust.

I ask for too much pity. I know my worth, but I’m always forgetting. This painting, it’s all grey, but it’s still something I made.

I’m taking things day by day, and hoping that I don’t run away. I’m seeing this world with my own light, and maybe I’ll see you here tonight.

For all those who feel insane, you can still illuminate. For all those that feel like me, you can still illuminate. Light the way!


The colors fade as I walk towards this place, there’s no reaction. There’s no satisfaction, I just need a trace.

I need a trace, just in case I lose my way (I won’t lose my way). Now I see there’s more of me that belongs here, this is what I needed.

Light the way!

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