Bodh’aktan – “Nothing But A Game” Go-Music Inc. – Official Music Video

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Bodh’aktan – “Nothing But a Game” Go-Music Inc. – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Quebec City, Qc, Canada

Director Name: Paul Di Giacomo
Director Website:
Producer Name: Michel Gatton

About the Video: Centre videotron, Québec City

Artist Website

Record Label: Go-Music Inc.
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Nothing But a Game”

Nothing but a game
Though the journey is long and the way is hard
The sea will harbour this wandering barque
If the devil should find me, I’ll gladly part
With a bottle in my hand and a song in my heart
I’ll drink for my sorrow, I’ll drink for my joy
With Attila the Hun and Helen of Troy
Drink away your troubles, drink away your frown
You only live once so put another down
Chorus :
Bring me whiskey bring me beer
Take me far away from here
I don’t care if tomorrow never comes
At the end of the day we’re all the same anyway
I’ll turn to the light and drink to the rising sun
I was lost, I was found, I was lying on the ground
Far away from home, I was drunk and all alone
I can’t remember when, but I got back up again
You can knock me to the floor, but you cannot keep me down
Some say life is nothing but a game,
I lost it all, I won it back, I lost it all again
When the chips are all down and the reckoning is done
I’ll count my losses by the battles I have won

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