Diavol – “Inside Of Me (Eating Me Alive)” Ft. Danii The Fox – Official Music Video

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Diavol – “Inside of Me (Eating Me Alive)” ft. Danii the Fox – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Inglewood, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Upcoming rapper from Los Angeles, California.

Director Name: Diavol
Producer Name: MryGldMusic

About the Video: Visual Stream

Facebook: @onlyonediavol
Twitter: @onlyonediavol
ReverbNation: Diavol
BandCamp: @onlyonediavol
Instagram: @onlyonediavol
YouTube: Diavol
Other: @onlyonediavol/ Diavol

Song Lyrics: “Inside of Me (Eating Me Alive)”

What’s on my mind
Depression’s a bitch

Last night I wanted to die
Call it quits
This time, it might be it
I might just slip
Deeper into the dark abyss
No more fucks, no more shits
No more, no-none left to give
The darkness is
Slowly eating me alive
Feel I’ve no will to live, to exist
My beautiful wife
I think I’m sick
Lemme wipe your tears
Please forgive me, i know that it
Affects you too, to see me like this
It’s not on purpose
Not being dramatic
But I swear to god it’s here, deep inside in my heart, in my mind
Get rid of it? Yes I’ve tried
The flood just won’t subside
My skin is wet and won’t dry
No matter how much that I try
I scrub so hard, ‘til i bleed
The cloth only soaks up the blood
And leaves behind this fuckin’ black stain
I can’t clean off
I confess, I’ma mess
I need help, I need rest
I can’t sleep, an emotional wreck
My head pounding
My fathers voice “get over it”
How? What the fuck else am I ‘posed to do when I’m already screamin’ that

It’s inside of me and eating me alive
(Inside of me)

Today I tried to fucking kill myself
End it all
Hopeless N’ trapped is how I felt
So small
Stood on that chair, and around my neck, leather black belt
A sheer drop and a sudden stop
Will maybe cure this headache
I’m not crazy, maybe insane
Don’t judge me
I’m no angel, no damn saint
Not perfect, just human and in pain
Not physical-it’s mental
I cannot afford a therapist
This music is my therapy
The best I got is this beat, this pad, and this pencil
Why diavol?
Well this is me
Conquering my demons, my
Everyday clash with the devil – life
Droppin’ my mother off to work and watchin’ her limp inside with her head held high; kinda life
My mother in laws back hurts tonight
Living crammed up in a one bedroom apartment – life
2 months late on rent – life
Can’t afford new clothes for my daughters – life
That DACA – life
Same routine, everyday – life
Borrowing money from my minimum wage hard working and tired mom to record this motha fuckin song – life
This parasite

Inside of me is eating me alive



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