Filthy Jill And The Muscles – “High” Hitshack Multimedia

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Filthy Jill and The Muscles – “High” Hitshack Multimedia

Artist city, country: Taylorville, Illinois, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: USA 4 piece rock, hard rock, punk band formed in 2011.

Director Name: Trevis Parker
Producer Name: Trevis Parker

About the Video: Filthy Jill and the Muscles play the devil’s advocate in this song containing six mini stories about drug addition.
” Have you tried it?”


Label Name: Hitshack Multimedia
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “High”

His mommy was a whore. His daddy was a trucker. He was a real fuckin’ crazy stupid motherfucker. He liked to push his luck to try to make a buck cause he liked to get high. Jenny was a girl who liked to poke her veins. if she didn’t get her way she’d kinda go insane. The alley”s where she fucked, that ‘s how she made a buck cause she liked to get high. Bobby was a boy who almost finished school when he started cooking shit. he thought it would be cool. Til chemicals ignited and burned his ass alive cause he liked to get high. Have you tried it? You know you’d like it. Well, there’s a power trippin’ cop cruisin’ down the block. If you give him what he craves he’ll look the other way. When he fell from grace they shot him in the face cause he liked to get high. She’s a rich college hottie who always liked to party. when she hit the floor dead she bumped her little head. Got the Vivatrol heart but couldn’t make it start cause she liked to get high. Have you tried it? You know you’d like it.

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