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Ja’Pan Nation – “Official” Official Music Video – A TranqTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Bronx, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Ja’Pan Nation embodies the definition of sound. His vocals are dynamic, He disrupts equilibrium’s, His style is renowned. Ja’Pan Nation is refreshing, a collage of versatility. Composing tones of dance and choreography while conquering all haters, Ja’Pan Nation represents adversity, Re- defining your average perception of rhythm and movements with each technique.

To understand the existentialism of his craft, one must understand the barriers of his past. 25 years of dedication, determination and endurance have prepared him for this level. A product of Texas, Ja’Pan Nation is determined to sleep with success.

Aware of his talent at a young age, Ja’Pan sacrificed to become the epitome of entertainment. Rehearsing, studying, researching, and practicing to become nothing less than iconic. Endless competitions and accolades he attributes to his dominance.

Artists before him such as Janet Jackson, who he considers to be the most influential artist of his time, paved the way. She is innovative and unique; these are characteristics Ja’Pan replicates in his own realm of performance.

Threads of retro, urban, vintage, and couture, Ja’Pan pops tags of originality, this fabric is authentic which no market can ignore. Fashion, Ja’Pan illustrates diversity. He intertwines graphics, his style expresses all artistry.

Ja’Pan Nation a trailblazer, thrives off taking risk. Whatever you’ve seen before, you have no idea what you’ve missed. Ja’Pan appreciates all those before him; however he is his own muse. Ja’Pan pays homage to many, but this is his destiny and he refuses to lose!

Ja’Pan enlightens cultures with his different variations of creativity. The force behind his movement is God; He gives all praise and recognition to the Lord. He ordered his steps, and he enforced them. get ready you’ve just been introduced to the humble beginnings of a star!!

Director Name: Charles Hall
Producer Name: Exclusive Beatz

About The Video: Ja’Pan Nation presents a fun and care free Performance style music video with funky and innovative visuals.

Artist Website: https://www.japannation.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaPanNationFanpage/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/japan_nation
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fgbJiKDkOhj7_3hG3ENCg
SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/japannation

Song Lyrics: As I lay me to sleep.
How I dream about me and you. I can ‘t wait, wait for the day when i, wake up right by your side and stare in your eyes. I can see a beautiful canvas that is painted with our love. I can’t help but get offended, when i think about my life with out you.

hook: Baby you know that i would never say no. oh no, Cause I can;t live without you. you know that I’m the man to honor the chance. to show how i feel inside about you, lets make it official.

Take a seat. Let me speak. about our lives united, don’t try to fight it. Oh how great and how sweet the feeling, its so amazing. ( My heart) I can see a beautiful canvas. That is painted with our love/ The most wonderful illustration and description of us together.


Bridge: Come be my only, I know that you want me, don’t take your eyes off me, listen to what i say. come and be with me so we can be happy, treat you like royalty. ( lets make it official) so what you waiting for, I got so much in store for my new found love a romantic scene. we;ll live in a perfect world that’s tailored for you and me, try me and you will see. that I’m official


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