King James – “Bow Down” Official Music Video

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King James – “Bow Down” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography:

Director Name: Brazy
Producer Name: King James

Twitter: @ king_james_on1
Instagram:@ king_james_on1

Song Lyrics: “Bow Down”

Hook: Bow Down to me ,cause I’m a King , check my resume home, I’m a G , I keep that nine mili on me , I’m so street, you see them young hitters don’t you, well they with me, so bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie, bow down to me homie
Verse: be cool when you see me bruh , I’m not the one to play with ya, above the waist what I’m aiming for, I fire shots like the navy bruh, I don’t do the trash talk , I just shoot my ass off , watch him run his ass off , did you see him dash off , don’t let the baby face fool you yo , Ima fool you know, poping these boys like rabbits, boy I got that tooleo, you wasn’t worth my career so I took it out in the studio, but if I brush shoulders with you, no telling what I do to ya , can’t you see ima savage, the village you boys can have it , no time, for peons , actually I’m after this money daddy, I’m solid got nothing to prove, remember I slapped you, your lame , you act cool, respect me , don’t act rude,
Repeat hook

Second verse: my pockets fat , obesity, get me slim fast immediately, money tall as Yao Ming , I got Broke people who envy me, now ain’t that ashamed, isn’t that insane , I got everybody and they Moma dry , hating on King James
Repeat hook 2x

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