Sanguine Sea – “Baby! Come On Home” Official Music Video

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Sanguine Sea – “Baby! Come on Home” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Premiere!

Artist city, country: Dublin, Ireland

Artist Biography: Sanguine Sea consist of singer/songwriter Alan A. Redmond, originally from Dublin, Ireland, now based in Norwich, England, with occasional guest performances from local musicians. Alan A. wrote his first song “Travelling Show” at the age of 12 on a second-hand guitar, so big that his face wasn’t visible for years, and has played in bands in Dublin and London.

Sanguine Sea now perform in many venues and bring the live original set nationwide to small venues and festivals. Since leaving Dublin at the age of 17, he has derived inspiration for his music through the people he has met and the experiences he has had, whilst living in Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The band’s original music aims to rip your heart out and feed it back to you, and is both emotive and in part, autobiographical. It focuses heavily upon melody within the body of each song. The band have been described as ‘Scott Walker meets Crowded House in an Irish Bar’, which is quite apt, as songs like “Out of the Blue”, “In All of These Years” , “9 Months in the Wilderness”, “Swallow Me Up!” and “Until The Cavalry Come” will confirm.

Director Name: Hagit Kastel Nachsholi
Director Link:
Producer Name:


Label Name: Sanguine Sea

Song Lyrics: Baby! Come on Home”

When Baby sings her lullaby, all the boys
spill their drinks and start to cry.
She’ll sing it with conviction, religion and strife,
’cause all the boys have been drinking tonight.

She’s got a card up her sleeve….

You know she won’t make you believe, but
she’s been singin’ this same song for many a year.
She’ll sing it every night under a drunken red light,
as the cigarette smoke puts her outta sight.

Baby! won’t you come on home…..
Baby! won’t you come on home…..

She’ll have one more drink to numb the night,
the light, the City’s a shameful sight.
Crimson lipstick smears, she’ll conceal a tear,
hidden for all of these years.

Baby! won’t you come on home…..
Baby! won’t you come on home…..

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