The Blackfield Saints – “The Beatdown Blues” Regii Records

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The Blackfield Saints – “The Beatdown Blues” Regii Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: The Blackfield Saints is the latest project from Andrew Taylor Wilkins, a publisher, journalist, and artist based in Portland, Oregon.

Director Name: Andrew Wilkins
Producer Name: Andrew Wilkins

About the Video: A few years ago, a friend of mine was sitting on his porch in Southeast Portland, probably enjoying scotch with his family. A group of protesters marched by, vandalizing a bank or two, and breaking the window of an annoyingly bougie restaurant on his street. I’ve been to a lot of protests over the years, but my friend’s experience forced me to take a fresh look at the motivations of people who protest. I see song writing as story telling, as well as problem solving, and my thinking on the topic led to this song. Personally, I don’t see much good in rioting and property destruction, but questionable actions don’t negate people’s justifiable frustration with their nation. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, a riot is the language of the unheard, and in this song I’m doing what I can to hear them and tell their story.


Label Name: Regii Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “The Beatdown Blues”

If we don’t come through the door, we’re gonna bust up the window
You best believe you’re gonna know
If we don’t come through the door, we’re gonna break up the party
We’ll show ya something that’s for sure
I got nothing and nothing to lose
One little bottle to ease my blues
You stepped over me for the last time
I said I ain’t been content with your nickels and dime
Eighteen years and I’m finally free
A hundred ninja turtles bearin’ down on me
We’re here for justice, you’re here for bread
And you’re one of us, listen what I said

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