The Recipe – “Bandana” Official Music Video

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The Recipe – “Bandana” Official Music Video – A DankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Artist Biography: Initially, The Recipe began as a project designed to bring talented Hip Hop artists in the United Arab Emirates together to record a compilation album and help promote the culture. As the project grew and began generating regional interest, the collective began receiving invites to perform at live events. Upon completion of the mixtape the collective launched the project under the name “The Recipe” with a sold out event, the first Hip Hop show headlined by regional artists.

The Recipe would eventually evolve into an independent label acting as a vehicle to launch solo projects from members such as Young Vaughn’s “New School Cool,” and Perfect Storm’s “The Calm Before”, Kaz Money’s “The Ridicule/ The Opposition” as well as Swerte’s “The Quicktape” series. They have also released multiple mixtapes as a group.

Today, The Recipe is a group that consists of 3 MC’s working on an official studio album while continuing to perform and push the boundaries of regional hip hop achievements.

Director Name: Martin Velkov
Producer Name: Sebastian Guillet & Jamie Langley

About The Video: Bandana is a video that began as a concept a long time ago. We knew the visuals had to be on point with the concept of the song so we decided to show two worlds where slowly over time, one world starts seeping into the other. The video itself was a long and fun day of shooting. The dancers, grafitti artist and crew were really cool and near the end of the day, when we thought everyone was tired, the three of us were sat ontop of the car kind of stunned as we watched everyone else going all out dancing to the song.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: P.Storm:

I’m affiliated ..gang related
Everything I am what the fans created
And they look at me like I’m damn creative
And I’m biting off the hand of the man made it
I’m a g I’m a killer I’m nasir Jones before they called him nasty
I’m Cassius clay before they called him Mohammed let me put this mask on now everybody understand me
Run ….motherfucker wanna be famous run…motherfucker wanna be famous.. jump
And fall down the line with the next nobodies you can be a nobody with the rest of them
And best of them it’s the price of fame and everybody do the same
So I put the mask on bandana every thang U can put that motherfucker on my name

Barrack Obama he rock a bandana
Kanye West he rock a bandana
They were nobodies till they rock bandanas
If you about that life then rock a bandana
Got me a gun…wiping it off with my bandana
Look at my team…all of this heat for this bandana
Play with me…this is what I do for my bandana (blaw blaw)
Man down see what I did for my bandana
Man down I gave up my life for this bandana
Still hold on to his bandana

Kaz Money:

Bandana this, bandana that, bandana man got a gram and a gat brah
Who the fuck don’t rock it brah
Take a look at the pocket brah
I know it makes me a target, but Ima rock my colors till I’m stretched out like star fish
For the profit put the bandana on its a process everyone’s an accomplice brah
Even The accomplished brah
From the convicts to Congress brah
Prepare for the conflict brah
Cradle to the coffin brah
Who defines who the man or the bandana, got you in a choke hold Tito santana
You never know, the animals/ have taken over planet plan on attacking every capital

I got a yacht with some bitches in it
Titties poppin out see my team they winnin
TMZ sleepin on my lawn just to see me
To put my dick on TV
Fck it im living the life
Playing this part that u really want right?
Acting this way that u really gone like
Got a contract signed for this ignorant type
So who want that money?
What u gonna do for it?
Put a mask on then
Gun or a mic take it and own it


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