Vanessa Silberman – “Outswimming Sharks” A Diamond Heart Production

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Vanessa Silberman – “Outswimming Sharks” A Diamond Heart Production – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Vanessa Silberman is a Los Angeles-based Singer, Guitarist , Songwriter and the founding member of the LA band Diamonds Under Fire. She is also a Record Producer, Engineer, an independent A&R and runs an Artist Development Label called A Diamond Heart Production.

Vanessa’s live shows and music has been compared to the raw bare bones rock ‘n roll of Nirvana & The Ramones along with the appeal of Liz Phair & Chrissie Hynde, authenticity of classic artists such as Patti Smith, Neil Young & the pop sensibilities of commercial radio artists such as Green Day. Vanessa often tours solo, features other musicians/players or plays under the Vanessa Silberman Band with Reed Mullin, drummer of Corrosion of Conformity and Producer/Musician Mikel Ross as her backing band.

She is also widely known for having a very strong DIY ethic and wearing many different hats in the music business –having worked for heavy hitter’s in the music business such as Dr.Luke as well as for company’s and places ranging from Epitaph Record’s to the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606.

Her band Diamonds Under Fire was around for well over a decade and self-released numerous EPs, toured around the US 10 times – also played Canada, the UK, SXSW & SSMF. In Los Angeles, ether solo or with the band Vanessa’s music has made its mark on all the known venues including El Rey, The Troubadour, Viper Room, The Echo, Bootleg Theatre and many others. Diamonds Under Fire was featured on 4 Vans ‘Off The Wall’ CD Compilations as well as had features on,,, plus regular spins on commercial and non-com radio. Vanessa also had a cover call-out on in June 2007 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.

Director Name: Carissa Johnson & Vanessa Silberman
Producer Name: Carissa Johnson & Vanessa Silberman

About the Video: “I wanted the music video to be comprised of intimate and up close shots so viewers would have an opportunity to see a different side of my performance and be invited into seeing a personal side of me they don’t normally see. The song is a little darker and heavier than most of my material and that’s why we shot the video at night.

Artist Website:

Label Name: A Diamond Heart Production
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Outswimming Sharks”

I’m upstream treading in a starlet place
Fighting to not drown in my space
Little fish feeding off of my pain
I fit right in at the top of the food chain
They want something from me

I’m outswimming sharks yeah x 3
They want something from me

It’s mostly tragic gold & lace
Dark & desperate like my taste
Minos kiss me on my face
Follow the light, am I the bait?
Dive in & get me

I’m outswimming sharks yeah x 3
Dive in & get me
I’m outswimming sharks yeah x 3
Dive in & get me

Down in the mud
When you need a hug
When you need a drug
Are you just energy
From the dirt
Do you feel hurt
Or are you just apathy

I’m outswimming sharks yeah x 3
They want something from me
It’s mostly tragic yeahhh x 4

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