Avarus – “Empire” Official Music Video

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Avarus – “Empire” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Blackpool, England, UK

Artist Biography: Avarus are a four piece metal band from Blackpool, UK, formed in 2015. Whilst growing up in Blackpool Lucas Fletcher and Tim Nelson formed a band called Insomnia, they mainly focused on playing covers but wanted to go further. Eventually Insomnia came to an end. Lucas, still enthusiastic to create music of his own, soon got in contact with bass player and vocalist Mikey Jenkins who introduced Lucas to Becky Slater the drummer, This created a whole new feel to the band which soon took the name “Avarus.”
Since the four have been together they wrote and released two EP’s, self titled and ‘Limbo’ the second EP. ‘Limbo’ really shows how they developed as a band and as their own musicians compared to the first 3-track EP which showed the very early stages of their presence as a band.
After the second studio e.p. ‘Limbo’ Guitarist Tim Nelson parted ways with the band due to personal reasons and Avarus quickly replaced him with a childhood friend of Mikey, Richard Jodrell, lead guitarist. Currently with a growing fan base on their e.p Limbo and the brand new record ‘Hope Is All We’ve Got’ with their young age and a different approach to metal music Avarus are making a massive impact on their home city and around the whole of the UK.

Lucas Fletcher on guitar and main vocals
Becky Slater on drums
Mikey Jenkins on bass and vocals
Richard Jodrell on lead guitar

Director Name: Bobby Pook
Producer Name: Phil Gornell

About the Video: The video was shot in a photography studio as we wanted a pitch black room, because we had some pretty big lights we wanted to use for a performance video.

Artist Website: https://avarusofficial.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avarusofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/avarus_official
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avarus_official/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3ZRXdgHJVTFIRGwH5MQF7U?si=pqtSDhUGS1ecrkv4uAF2HA

Song Lyrics: “Empire”

Why the excuses when I know you’re wrong,
These thoughts that I’m having won’t leave me alone,
I can’t escape I’m trapped again,
This empire you built is not condemned.

I won’t hold back this time,
Heavens calling but I’m stuck outside.

I can see,
how you’re killing me.
And now I can breathe,
as you set me free.

Burn, on the stake that I built for you,
Now feel how I did,
when abomination took you.
This world that we live in is to blind to see,
That were falling,
And were going deep.

What kind of God gets away with this?
Broken hearts and all that shit,
Sorry my love but my souls not for sale,
We’re dying slowly,
Most can’t even prevail.

I can see,
how you’re killing me.
And now I can breathe,
as you set me free.

Heavens calling me but I won’t answer,
The devils at my door but I can’t answer.
Times getting short,
And this ship is sinking,
I’ll take my power back,
This is my empire.

I won’t hold back this time,
Heavens calling but I’m stuck outside.

I can see,
how you’re killing me.
And now I can breathe,
as you set me free.

Am free.

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