Captain Martini And The Key Stoners – “Rock Star” Official Teaser Video

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Captain Martini and the Key Stoners – “Rock Star” Waygone Records – Official Teaser Video

Artist city, country: Methuen, Massacusetts, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Started as a two piece in 2013. This album which was meant to be part one of a two album release became the last album of Captain Martini and The Key Stoners. Because, a third member, John Fu, got added to the band and the band changed their name to Captain Martini & The Key Stoner w/ Kung Fu Grip. They will be releasing a new album this year that will include a new version of this song with John Fu at which time a better video will be made for it.. In the mean time they thought they would like to release this as both a farewell to the two-man version of the band and a glimpse of what is to come.

Director Name: Jim Phelps
Producer Name: Bryan Roy

About the Video: A collection of photos of the band mostly taken by Coleman Rogers
Additional photos by Che Arrajj
John Thomas Foye… plus Jim Morrissey and Kat Smith

Artist Website:

Label Name: Waygone Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Rock Star”

Boss man says
I have too much time off
been showing up late
not beating the clock
well boss man boss man you don’t understand
I’m so much more than a working man

you know what i am

I”m a Rock Star
Intergalactic Rock Star
Rock Star
Full throttle Rock Star

This job is not
what i’m suppose to be
That crap
It don’t define me
It is just a way to pay the rent
and when all the money is spent

know what I am

I’m a Rock Star
Intergalactic Rock Star
Rock Star
Full throttle Rock Star
Rock Star
super sonic Rock Star
Rock Star
Hell blazing Rock Star

Hey Ho you want more
Hell yeah you want more
Hey Ho you want more
1 2 3 4

My kids know what is true
just go and ask them what their daddy do
They will look you in the eye
Tell you daddy is a rock and roll guy

know what i am
They know what I am
They will tell you what I am

I’m a Rock Star
Intergalactic Rock Star
Rock Star
Full throttle Rock Star
Rock Star
hell blazing Rock Star
Rock Star
Super Sonic Rock Star
Rock star rock star rocking rocking rocking
Rock Star

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