Soulspirya – “Hypnotic” Official Music Video

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Soulspirya – “Hypnotic” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Venice, Italy

Artist Bio: Born in Venice in 2014, Soulspirya is an alternative rock duo formed by Nico (Keyboards, Piano, Synths, Programming and Vocals) and P (Guitars, Bass, Percussion and Vocals).

Both Nico & P come from different experiences of various musical genres, from classic rock to the most extreme metal; music genres, which can be seen in their particular sound of difficult classification.

With two albums already released such as Lachaise, gothic rock/metal band, tired of classic music labels and the continuous changes in the line-up, Nico and P have given life to this particular project.

Despite the preference for heavy sounds Nico has always strongly stated “You can intersect any kind of sounds between themselves, create any kind of virtuosity, but it’s the melody that must prevail, without compromises.”

The visual impact is also great, that from immediately, they have tried to transmit in both their live performances and in their music videos (“We Are Coming”, “Be the First”).

And when someone asks them “What kind of music do you do?”, Soulspirya reply, “We just simply make music … you decide!”.

Soulspirya are currently working on a new album debut, performing a thorough and meticulous composition in their personal recording studio to combine the widest range of sounds and to make them a trademark Soulspirya, the whole, then finalized in the famous “New Sin Studio” of Montebelluna under direct vision of the great Luigi Stefanini.

And the classic question that is made to every band, “Where does your band name come from?”, They reply: “The help was given to us by one of our faithful companions “Vinum” … but maybe that day, we had a glass too many”

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