The Witch – “Ignite The Dark Matter” M&O Music – Official Music Video

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The Witch – “Ignite the Dark Matter” M&O Music – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Douai, France

Artist Biography: THE WITCH is blending the heaviness and melody of rock with the rage and speed of extreme music since 2011.
With already 2 Ep’s to their credit, THE WITCH release in january 2018 on the independant label M&O Music their debut album, “Lost At Sea”:A 43 min block of 11 forceful tracks, pushing bondaries by mixing styles, without complexes.

Director Name: Julien Galliez
Producer Name: Julien Galliez

About the Video: A little piece of vintage fantasy horror about creativity and perseverance.

Artist Website:

Label Name: M&O Music
Label Website:


Born slave on a rock out of sight,
tryin’ to get my ticket out.
A place where memories are so thin,
with the power to ruin everything.
I’m still searching for a new hope
by running on a slippery slope,
stepping over the line, claiming the fucking crown.

Chorus: Silence and screams caused by the same stress,
I/you don’t have the tools to clean up the mess
so why Am/are I/you still asking?
Because no ones needs a king.

shake a sloppy hand,
the king is dead.
Give me a proof,
show me his head.
Writting eon with iron wrapped in flesh,
cover your eyes if it’s too much to bare.
Overexposed on a web of lies,
photoshopped lives, fly cathing adds…
Go alone ’till the end of the road,
find what’s beyond the door.


When the time will come,
I don’t want to fade out I just want to explode.

Ignite the dark matter x3

It’s a long road, hard & cold ,
So ignite the link and let the flame reach the core.

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